A downloadable game for Windows

Dual Purpose: Health == size/weight/ammo/speed/...health.

Currently, the player gets bigger and weighs more when they gain health. 

They need to be heavy enough to activate certain switches but also the correct size to navigate pathways. 

(Project scope limited somewhat by this being my first game. Some documentary style "Dev Commentary" sprinkled throughout (press "T"), which speaks to some of this unfinished content.)

Platform: Windows

All assets self created:

-Music: Cubase, ChipSounds

-Some art made in: Clip Studio

-Everything else: GameMaker 1.4



Arrows: Movement          

T: Toggle Commentary

M: Toggle Music

Some other controls conveyed via commentary windows.

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Published 97 days ago

Install instructions

A single executable. Just double click to run.


The Tale of The Amazing Growing (and Occasionally Shrinking) Square 1.0.exe (26 MB)

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